We provide the following rates* for personalized language learning in the Bay Area. 

  Proficiency Fluency
 Focus  Development  Immersion
 Hours per class  75 to 150 minutes
 180 to 225 minutes
 Classes per week  2 2
 Classes per month
varies with month varies with month
 Cost per month $250  Ask
 Additional sibling $237.50  Ask

*These rates are based on small group setting of a minimum of 8-students. Rates are for 2018/2019. Two languages classes per week or one extended class once a week.

Bay Language Academy makes every effort to provide the courses and services listed in the web site and brochures. Classes are planned out and instructors are assigned to classes based on expected demand. However, If we are unable to meet the required minimum enrollment or in case of circumstances happening beyond our control, we reserve the right to cancel any class or service and/or attempt to merge it with another class of equivalent levels. If such a cancellation occurs, you will be notified immediately.

Please note that our combined Toddler/Parent classes are held once a week.

Class Levels

Our Proficiency program, is designed for students who want to develop high levels of proficiency in the language. Classes will be performed primarily (but not exclusively) in the foreign language. The language instruction is interspersed with cultural learning. In addition to engaging students through games and activities, the classes will provide reading and writing instruction. The Proficiency classes will have an emphasis on building a strong vocabulary and grammatical foundation. For the younger learners, our curriculum integrate integrate music, rhymes, storytelling and learning through games.

Our Fluency program, is usually designed for students who have been exposed to the language and who have a good verbal understanding but who are lacking grammar and vocabulary instruction. This mostly apply to students whose parents or grandparents speak a language other than English at home and who can understand native speakers fairly well. Classes will be conducted exclusively in the foreign language.

For Proficiency and Fluency-level students, a third session (75 minutes) is available which prepares them for an appropriate standardized exam. Students will be able to be assessed by a proper institution and hold a certification that could grant them the right to study abroad.

For older students, conversational classes will build upon previous lessons where vocabulary and grammar rules are mastered, and focus on areas of personal interest.

For those interested in learning English as as second language (ESL), a program is proposed.

Adults classes are mainly designed for those who took languages in high school and/or college but who would like to refresh their memory and are in need of practice. They are also designed for those who wished they could learn another language but never had a chance to.

Bay Language Academy operates on a quarter system for the Adult classes, with each quarter lasting approximately 10 weeks. They are offered during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. They typically meet once each week.


Monthly payment is due at the beginning of each month. Payments made after the 3rd of the month are subject to late fees. We only accept checks. If you bank offers a bill-pay service, we suggest you use it for automated monthly payments.

Although each month may have a different number of classes, the monthly rate is calculated based on the entire program divided into monthly payments. Missed classes or short months do not affect your monthly bill.

An enrollment fee of $70 applies to all new students and a $50 fee to returning students.

Additional material fees or purchases may apply for each student and are based on the actual cost of materials.