Our Company

Bay Language Academy is a locally owned company based in Alameda, California.

Our language center aims to celebrate enrichment through several languages learning and cultures as our county is one of the most ethnically diverse regions of the United States. We will extend our learning experience by offering thematic workshops and events that will emphasize our rich
multicultural community. Our growing family is composed of a large array of multicultural families with different spiritual beliefs. We would like to establish an environment that encourages respect for diversity, promote international awareness and peace through education.

We would like to attempt to help the dwindling foreign language teaching that our area is suffering from. Our aim is to improve the quality and effectiveness of language curriculum by integrating the culture into language instruction.

Our Teaching Approach

Our classrooms allow and promote the development of practical language skills in small class size within a positive learning environment.

Experienced, enthusiastic instructors with experience and training are eager to:
-   Provide a scholastic but yet a relaxed atmosphere that makes it fun to learn;
-   Use innovative instructional methods and curricula in order to allow different learning styles and taking into account the individual learning styles,         needs and levels of ability of the diverse student body in both instruction and assessment;
-    Provide for and promote the development of physical health, intellect, ethics and social behavior;
-    Instill within students the idea of lifelong learning;
-    Establish curricula that are concept-driven (guiding students towards making connections across activities within our real world).

We believe that languages can be learned through immersion. Art, songs, games, and other creative approaches are used to introduce younger students  to the language in order to develop an ear for proper pronunciation and speaking. Classical learning is supplemented by the use of appropriate technology tools.

Our curricula will not be complete without an artistic part as we do believe that Languages and Cultures are intimately linked, therefore a portion of our cultural exposure include art classes related to the different areas of the world.

Our Values
Our Values: Assiduity  Appreciation  Courage  Caring  Devotion  Discipline  Friendship  Gratitude  Honesty Hope  Integrity  Mutual respect Optimism Patience Perseverance Punctuality Teamwork

Mission Statement
  • To provide each student with the language learning skills guidance with the intended impact to be a productive and fulfilling member of our rich muticultural community;
  • To reconnect with our heritage and to improve the quality and effectiveness of language curricula by integrating the culture into the language instruction;
  • To create a memorable learning experience in an engaging, academic atmosphere that offers preparation to internationally recognized diplomas to ensure their successful learning outcome;
  •  To inculcate the idea of lifelong language learning;
  •  To instill within students the desire to be inventive and creative through artistic activities related to different cultures;
  • To establish an environment that encourages respect for diversity through cross-cultural understanding and promote international awareness and peace through education;
  • To be true to our core mission in developing a wide range of languages and artistic skills for students of Alameda and beyond in a way that will positively influences their lives.