What is the location of the classes?
The classes are held in the East Bay in Alameda:
1325 High Street. Alameda, CA 94501.
A selective set of classes are also offered on line.

What are the languages offered?
We currently offer: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Korean and English. Classes for Japanese, Arabic and creative writing will start during the 2019/2020 school year .
Please note that not all languages are offered every day. Please check on the tab "class schedule" for the schedule that will fit your language of choice and level. A final decision will be made
with the office after the mandatory interview parents and students need to have before acceptance to enroll in the program.

What age group do you teach ?
Our youngest students are 3 years old and our less young one is 82 years old. We also offer toddler-parent classes.
Adults classes are offered in the evenings and on week-ends as well as mornings.

How early can the TK and K students start attending ?
Bay Language Academy opens its door for earlier school dismissal for TK and K students starting at 12:30pm.
On AUSD minimum days during which students are dismissed at 11:40am, doors will be opened at 1:00pm.

Do you offer other classes?
Yes, we offer art classes taught by artists and art teachers. We also offer classes for SAT and AP preparation.
For Adults, we do offer morning and evening classes.

Do you offer a drop-off program (without the parent presence)?

All of our classes are drop-off except for our parent-toddler classes which require a parent or caretaker to attend.

Can my child attend on a drop-in class basis?

Drop-ins could be arranged during camps on specific weeks at the discretion of the director, Please inquire by e.mail: camps@Baylanguages.com

If both parents work and cannot drop their kids at the Academy. Is there a way, they can still benefit from the program?
Bay Language Academy is only responsible for the students when they are dropped at the Academy. If accepted in our after school program, parents have to organize their own transportation or coordinate a carpool with other parents. Therefore, we could direct you to parents and services who will be able to help working parents. Contact us at: Carpool@Baylanguages.com

If I can drive my child to the Academy, can she/he be part of the after school program?
Yes, your child could be dropped after school dismissal as early as 12:00-noon (on minimum days). 1:00 or 2:00 pm  for Kindergartners and  3:00 pm for grades 1 and up on regular days. She/He could be picked up at 6:00 pm (no later than 6:15pm). Students can also be dropped off as early as 8:00 am on camp days.

Can you tell us more about the after-school program?
After drop off, students are invited to refresh and have their snacks. They are then dived into groups according to their language(s) of choice and depending on the days (a) will attend their language class or (b) art class or (c) be assisted in completing their school home work, (d) will be engaged in activities in their language of choice, (e) will have a set of organized outdoor activities, (f) be assisted into completing their language home-work, (g) engaged in a reading club, (h) engaged in multiple educational activity depending on their age group/grades/degree of maturity and interest.
A team of instructors will be on site helping students achieving their academics goals first then engaging them in multiple extra curricular activities afterwards.

What happen on minimum days (parent-teachers conferences, pedagogical meetings, etc.. ?)
Bay Language Academy will start its program earlier at no extra fees on those days in order to accommodate the AUSD schedule.
For example, for the first three weeks of school, kindergartners are welcome to attend the Academy starting at 12:00-noon and older grade as early as 12:30pm at no extra fee.

What happen on weekdays when schools are not open ?
In 2019-2020, they will be days where AUSD will not be in session, however B.L.A will open its doors between 9:00 and 6:00 pm with a number of curricular and extra-curricular activities (please check the calendar section). Students enrolled in the after school program will be able to attend for a reduced fee.

Do you have classes for college preparation exams (AP and SAT) ?
Our students can have credits for their AP languages when they pass the exam.
We prepare our high school students for AP and SAT single subject exams that can either give them credits for college (AP) or boost their application (SAT).

My kid has an appointment in the afternoon, can I pick him/her up earlier ?
You are welcome to pick up your child on the following times assuming he/she does not have a class on that specific day/time: 12:00-noon, 3:00, 3:30, 4:45,  5:15, 6:00 and 6:15pm.

What is the regular dismissal time?
Every student should be picked up between 6:00 and 6:15pm sharp, failing to do so will result in a charge of $2 per minute. In 2019-2020, this measure will be strictly reinforced.

I would like to enroll my kid for one day a week only is that possible?
Our students attend our program for a minimum of 2-days per week. For 2019-2020, the options are 2, 3,  4 or 5 days and pricing follows a sliding scale.

Can I enroll my kid(s) for a language and art classes on line or on phone ? How do I enroll ?
We do not enroll on-line or by phone but rather schedule a meeting with the parent(s) to visit the Academy, assess your child, then present the curricula and discuss your expectations and goals. After the meeting you will be notified if our programs are a good fit for your child.

I can't attend the guided personal tour, how do I sign up for classes?

Contact us and we will guide you through the easy process to have you enrolled on time. We can schedule you at a time convenient for you and your child(ren) on mornings, evenings and on certain week-ends but the meeting with the parents and students are mandatory before confirmation of enrollment.

When should I register and when do I have to pay?
The earlier you register, the earlier your place is confirmed at the Academy.  if  classes reach the maximum of enrollment, we will not be able to accept more students. You must submit a non-refundable $80 registration fee plus the first tuition's month ($50 for returning students).
Starting this year, tuition is due between the 15th and the 20th of each month, for each of the 10 months. Late payments are subject to a late fee of $25 for each month there is a balance in the account after the 20th.
You can pay using check, your bank's online bill-pay or by ACH.

For adults sessions of 10 classes, the fee is due before the first class as well.

How long do classes last?
Classes are 60-minutes long for preschoolers and 75-minutes to 150-minutes for all other students. Intensive classes lasts from one hour to over three hours depending if the class is held on a private, semi-private or group setting.

What is the frequency of the classes?
The classes are tailored to the student needs at a frequency of twice a week (Proficiency). However, a number of our classes for our older students are being held on an extended basis which means that we offer formal classes all afternoon. The extended classes allow students to focus on a specific language/tasks and they have a week to review their lessons and to complete their home-work, which also make sense for logistic carpool reasons for students leaving more than an hour drive from the Academy. It also allow some of our students attending sports not to miss their physical activities.

How long does the program last?
Learning a language does not happen overnight, it takes time and effort. Our program is based on 10-month renewable program with the possibility of taking intensive classes.
For 2019-2020, we will start on August 19 and end on June 19. Over the major breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter break, Spring breaks and Summer vacation), camps could be offered on specific weeks. Please check what schedule will be offered.

Do you offer camps ?
We do offer camps (session of one or two weeks depending on the camp format)  during the students breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter and Summer holidays). Camps are usually offered within a multicultural context with mini-field trips. Our students visited several places: The Academy of Science, Pump it Up, Parks, Movie theater, Mini-golfing, Bowling, Libraries and more ..

Who are our instructors?
Our instructors are qualified professional, university trained instructors and native-speakers who take pride in immersing students in a foreign language. They are screened based on their degree, their teaching ability and experience as well as their personal qualities. They are native speakers, passionate by the language and the culture they teach and eager to transfer their knowledge.  Our instructors are often trilingual, share a passion for languages and provide instruction through an engaging set of media interactive games, songs, art projects, total physical response and classical games.  Our team of educators are either linguists who hold Bachelor's degree with certifications, Master's degree, Ph.D degree or are credentialed teachers.  They are dedicated to provide our students with high quality instruction in a joyful environment.
instructors meets all state required conditions of employment including Live-scan and TB clearance.

Are there attendance requirements in language classes?
Our language program has attendance requirements as well as excused absences. Research indicates that learning a language comes about through interaction (see article on Blog section, dated from July 5th, 2011).

What is the mode of payment?
Currently, Bay Language Academy can primarily accept ACH authorization: fill out the form online. Some prices are listed on the homepage's table. For our after school program, contact us to schedule an interview before registration. The tuition is based on a ten-month program, August 2019 -June 2020. Tuition is divided on 10 equal monthly enrollments even though some months have 3-weeks and other 5-weeks, over the course of the year it averages out.

How long does it take to learn the skills necessary to speak a language?
It really depends on the level you want to achieve, but research has shown that it typically takes 720 hours of speaking practice for an English-speaking adult with a high academic aptitude to become proficient in a foreign language (Omaggio-Hadley, 1993).
As a guideline, it takes about 60-70-hours of training to be certified at the basic level- the A1 level- and about 200-hours to reach the A2-level.

What is the instructional philosophy?
The overall method is based on a modular teaching with an approach based on task, where a balance between practice and theory is achieved. The aim is to develop effective communication skills through the elementary development of the four basic language known skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
A number of instructional approaches will be used to teach the target language and will depend mainly on the students age/degree of maturity and level, among others: paired activities, listening to music and an array of activities will be organized around the theme of the song, role playing, educational games. Students will be actively engaged and will be expected to participate voluntarily. For the younger students, games, songs and story telling will be used to enrich vocabulary as well as visual cues for complete beginners. A specific curriculum is available at Bay Language Academy for each language and for each level.
The primary objective of classes is to immerse students in the language and the culture in a fun and engaging way, by focusing on cultural beliefs, values and aspects of everyday life. Simple grammatical concepts, and practice in listening and speaking (individually, and in pairs and groups are implemented). The program usually start (for the beginners) with the basics such as the alphabet, numbers, greetings and simple sentence structures. The main focus being on the phonetic and developing a proper ear for pronunciation, then the classes evolves into studying grammatical rules, conjugation, etc...

By the end of the program, students are expected to have developed insight into the nature of language and analyze/use basic grammar as a tool for effective communication (conjugation, grammar, pronunciation) and gained knowledge of the country’s culture and background.
Our more advanced students are challenged according to their existing level with more complex reading material, conjugation exercise, spelling activities. We use exercises allowing students to be challenged according to their abilities to understand and analyze audio material, so they can develop a good ear for pronunciation and understand native speakers discussions on a specific theme.

What if a student misses a class?

Make up classes are offered within a week of a missed class as a courtesy and cannot be guaranteed as we do have a low ratio instructor to student to honor. A make up class day will be provided at signing when possible.

What happen if I want to stop my classes?

Let us know before the next Billing cycle. All you need to do is provide us with a one month written notice. At the beginning of the program, withdraws are possible  after the first two months of attendance. Without written notice, we will reserve your child’s class and you are responsible for full tuition for the upcoming month regardless of attendance. Refunds will be processed within 4 to 6 weeks. There are no partial refunds for unused days due to absenteeism
This policy applies to students who started classes and to students who signed up for classes, so even if you signed up in May but decided to withdraw few days before the start of classes, you are still
responsible for the tuition as a spot has been reserved to your family making us declining access to other interested students. We have a 2-months minimum enrollment after which we meet with parents to decide if the enrollment can be extended to the rest of the year.  Please inquire about the Bay Language Academy policy on site.

Why don't you have my question listed here?
That may be because you haven't asked it yet. Please contact us with specific questions regarding our linguistic and art based after school program. 

How do I find out more?
Visit the pages available on this web site http://www.baylanguages.com or call the Bay Language Academy office at 510-306-4BAY (4229)

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