Test Preparation

    We offer intensive and median-term classes for  SAT I and II preparation. Our experienced instructors prepare our students for AP and SAT timing strategies and practice to drill them in mastering test-taking skills in order to increase their ability to succeed in their exams.

    We first assess each student with a diagnostic practice test, their factual knowledge, scope of preparation, and knowledge-based analytical skills will be tested. Based on their results, students strength and weaknesses will be assessed. We then start from the baseline score, and develop a tutoring plan for each student. Sessions last 1.5-2 hours and are held once to twice weekly.
    Our dedicated instructors will then work with each student to fill up the gaps and increase their scores so they can realistically get to to the program of their choice.
Our students raised their scores in a significant manner and gain in motivation and self-confidence.

Curriculum will focus on:

Critical Reading including sentence completion and passage-based reading;

Math including multiple choice and grid-ins;

Writing Skills including (a) using language with sensitivity to meaning, (b) writing skills to measure their ability to express ideas effectively in standard-written English (c) Identifying Sentence Errors to test their knowledge of grammar, usage, word choice, and idiom, (d) Improving Sentences questions ask you to choose the best, most effective form of an underlined portion of a given sentence;

Languages including French, Spanish and Mandarin for SAT and AP;

For those interested in obtaining international recognition for their foreign language skills, we provide them with the necessary tools to get the 6 levels of certification that will ultimately lead to a diploma that will allow them to study abroad in a French (DELF) or Spanish (DELE) or Italian or German speaking university.

Call us: 510-306-4229 or e.mail us: SAT@BAYLANGUAGES.COM