Parent Testimonials

From Laetitia, T. (June, 19th 2012)

We have your picture with Jenna on the wall so that we talk about you and the school from time to time.  Jenna has learned her first sentences while in your  French immersion classes and progressed so much since then. Do we have to wait until Jenna is 9 years old to attend the linguistic trip? We'd love to go now! Lol. Anyway, we'd love to tell you more in person.

From Marcia B
. (September, 2th 2012)

We love Essia and Bay Language Academy. Great teachers and beautiful facility. Very highly recommended. My daughter loves Matt, the Spanish teacher. Very friendly atmosphere and kid friendly.

From David S. (October, 18th, 2012)

My 5th grader and a few of his friends are taking Spanish at the Academy.  It is a great value, convenient, and they are having fun while they learn. Highly recommended.

From Liz L
. (November, 18th 2012)

My daughter loves taking French classes there!

From C. Chen (September, 7th 2012)

The founder of Bay Language Academy, is an incredible woman in my book! She started this business as a way to help others since language is one of the most important ways we connect with one another. My youngest son has been taking Mandarin for about a year now and he just loves it, which amazes me since he's usually so particular, but he adores his teacher (even the new one) and the curriculum is both engaging and interactive, which has helped him retain what he has learned. Now my oldest is also taking the same class, and his review of his first day was "awesome!"
This is a high quality program at a very reasonable rate. Your child will benefit so greatly from learning any of the many languages they offer (I know they offer French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, etc.), and even you and other adults would also greatly benefit to learn a new language or refresh an old one.
Lastly, their location is just breath-taking as they're situated within the Harbor Bay Business Park that oversees the tranquil ocean and beautiful San Francisco skyline, which is just icing on the cake.

From Sharon L (French Adult Class. January, 23th 2013)

When I approached Essia about taking an adult French class, she spent a lot of time evaluating me and coached me to make sure I was entering at the right level.
Our classes were very fun and comfortable. Essia loved teaching us so much that every week our classes ran overtime. We had a lot of fun learning and the breaks were great - delicious with beverages, baguettes and fromage. Essia even made crêpes for us.

From Karie F
. (January, 26th 2013)

We have also had a great experience with Bay Language Academy over the last almost two years. The classes are well thought out and organized, and Essia the Director is very committed to a positive and successful learning experience for all children. In particular, activities for kids are fun, engaging, and age appropriate, and regular communication with parents is excellent. Wonderful program!

From Tania C
. (January, 28th 2013)

My son has been taking French for the past two years at Bay Language Academy. He is young - 5.5, he loves his class and his teacher, Essia (the founder). He also went to summer sessions there last year. While he's not in the Mandarin class I can tell you that Essia has very high standards for content and truly loves children so I know the additional teachers she hires will have a similar approach. Call her and get more details. We could not be happier.

From Tami Q
. (January, 27th 2013)

My daughter (9) has attended Bay Language Academy for 2 years now and I cannot recommend it enough. She loves going there because they teach in a way that is fun they don't even realize how much they are learning. The director, Essia, has created a warm, positive, learning environment with wonderful teachers they provide weekly updates on what they are learning (that helps us out because we do not speak Mandarin).

From Christine C. (January, 27th 2013)

All these glowing reviews of Bay Language Academy are spot on, and the enthusiasm for the director is more than legit as my children have been attending for a couple of years. The program that Essia has created is high-quality at a reasonable price.

From Inbal G. (January, 28th 2013)

Both my son and daughter take French from Essia and I couldn't be more confident in recommending her summer camps and her regular classes.
I am a teacher myself, with very high expectations, and have looked far and wide for a solid French program for my children. We have gone so far as to take our older child into the city for French programs; honestly, she didn't learn as much at these other programs as she has from Essia.
I think the difference is that Essia's camps and classes are cultural and linguistic and so it's the whole picture. The kids walk in and it's as if they are walking into another country, so they learn the language and the mannerisms and the nuances of the language and culture.
I like too, that there is work she gives them to reinforce the materials and that she stays in regular contact with the families, so we know what our child is learning and can help reinforce the lessons at home. I haven't specifically checked the Mandarin program know that Essia runs true language classes and like the other parent said, holds a very high standard.
Essia too, is such a warm and welcoming woman. Even my son, who is quite shy, warmed up to her and felt comfortable with her right away. I appreciate too, that she is willing to make adjustments as needed to suit the needs of the individual student.

From Kate, K. (June, 10th 2013)

I have to tell you that I was making Maggie do language camp very much despite her protestations.  She was grumbling and complaining about having to do French camp ever since I told her she was doing two weeks this summer.  You can imagine my delight when I come home today and she's eagerly showing off what she learned, asking me to speak French with her at home, and showing all of us her binder from today.  Based on what all the great things I've heard about Bay Language Academy, and given that her dad and I both have an ear for language, I expected she would enjoy it once she started.  But I didn't expect her to turn around so enthusiastically so soon.  Great work! Thanks again.

From Suzanne, F (June, 28th 2013)

Mes filles ont passé de très bons temps avec vous au'jourdhui. Zoe n'a pas voulu partir! Elles ont regardé les trois présentations ce soir et garde leurs dossiers près d'elles tout l'après-midi. 

From Monika, A. (June, 6th 2013)

I am impressed by what I hear from your school. We are looking forward to attend the Summer Intensive in June.

From E. K-S , A. (July, 13th 2013)

You took excellent care of my children, and I cannot thank you enough

From Carrianne & DeLeon D.M (Korean Adult Class. March, 20th 2014)

First of all, let me say that Soon, you and your Academy have been wonderful. Not only have you introduced me to the language and some of Korean culture, but Soon encouraged me to inquire more than I thought I would and it's already been incredibly eye-opening. I only wish I had known about this group sooner! 
Obviously, I will highly recommend your school to my colleagues. It has been a wonderful experience, and really, a life-changer.
Please let me know if you need anything further from us. Many thanks for everything.

From Deb, W (July, 20th 2014)

She had a wonderful time during her French camp - she was so excited to tell me everything that she did.  Thank you so much for the experience, and we are looking forward to the week in August.

From Monte and Nicole (
(Korean Adult Class. July, 26th 2014)

Essia, thank you for everything you've done for us. Our time at BLA has been wonderful and provided us with a good foundation for the future. Soon, you have been such a wonderful teacher and we've loved seeing you every week. Please keep in contact with us! :)

From Elizabeth, M (July, 28th 2014)

 Layla certainly seems to be speaking more French at home, so I think that's great progress.  She also seems to really enjoy going to camp every day.  Layla still talks about you and French camp, she says that you are "strict but nice", which I think is a wonderful compliment!  We're excited that she'll be back in mid-August, and we're also looking toward the Fall. Bien a vous,

From Lauren  (July, 29th 2014)

Thank you so much for the good week.  Lucy had a great time this week- she seemed much more comfortable and motivated than the previous week. could you please remind me the time and dates of the French class.   I can tell she is learning a lot because she's talking a lot of French at home!  Thank you so much.  :)

From Cathy (Aug, 20th, 2014)

My daughter, Anna, has been enjoying the Korean class. What are the options during school on an on-going basis?
Also, I have another daughter,  who is more intermediate in that she can read the whole alphabet and knows much more extensive vocabulary, although she cannot say complete sentences. 

From Trish (Teen Korean Class. Aug, 21st, 2014)

Isabel enjoyed the class very much and was especially proud of her tutoring responsibility! She came home each day saying vocabulary words as she came through the door, and was eager to teach them to me. I would like her to take the Korean class, and she is adamant that she must take that class. I really want to support that!

From Debra (Aug, 22nd 2014)

Thank you for everything over the camp.  Audra had a wonderful time!

From Martha (Aug, 25th 2014)

I am very pleased with  my son's language abilities, these couple of years going to the bay language Academy were really good.
Thank you very much, I truly appreciate your help. Sincerely,

From T. Y (Oct, 20th 2014)

I am sending you pictures of  the girls taken at Bay Language Academy. They had a really good time there. They go to a language school in Hsinchu twice a week now. I have been trying to build a English speaking environment at home but is yet to be successful. I’ll keep trying… At least, they are a lot more interested in learning English than they were a year ago and that is good. Thank you very much for your patience and encouragement for my daughters. Have a great school year and I hope to see you again.

From Mike, W (Oct, 20th 2014)

You've been wonderful and we're very excited at how happy Phoebe seems to be with your program.

From Clair, D (May, 3th 2015)

Thank you so much for you time.  I was VERY taken by the academy. The smiles on the kids faces as they arrived was very impressive!

From Tania, A (May, 6th 2015)

We are starting to think about aftercare options for next year, and are interested in sending our boys back to Bay Language Academy again since I really do think it's a great program where they will likely learn more than at other places. 

From Christelle, C (May, 4th 2015)

Vous êtes comme notre famille - Sophia a commencer avec Bay Language Academy il y a deux ans et a fait beaucoup de progrès. Merci.

From Guislaine, S, L  (May, 7th 2015)

I really appreciate that the Instructors at Bay Language are working hard to help Tom complete all his homework and improve his spelling .
I agree Is really hard to make Tom sit down but most of the time once he sits down and there isn't a lot distraction he can finish fast .
Thanks and let me know if I can help

From Sakura, L (May, 28th 2015)

I am very happy to have an after school option to teach Timothy Korean. We would love to be able to have Timothy attend for that week. After that we will be flying to Korea.   I always look for Korean language learning materials when in Seoul at Kyopo bookstore when I am there. If  Bay Language Academy is interested in, I am happy to look for books.   Thank you again. Timmy really enjoyed challenging himself with the materials at the Academy. 

From Stephanie, T L (June 5th 2015)

I sincerely appreciate the time you have always spent with us explaining how your Spanish and French programs work, and discussing Ella's language development. It is wonderful to see how passionate you are about language, culture, and language instruction.

From Joanna,  S (June 10th, 2015)

Thank you for having the party early. She had fun! We really enjoy having Her at Bay Language Academy. She looks forward to going :)
Thank you again.

From Mike, W  (July 2nd, 2015)

This is an absolutely wonderful after school program. My daughter has grown so much since attending this program this past school year (and she was in TK). Not only do they learn another language (Spanish, French, etc...), but they really work with the kids on their reading and writing. My daughter went into the school year not knowing all of her letters. Now she knows all of her letters, can read some words, and sounds out words. Sure, TK had something to do with this, but the after school program here really, really helped. I can't say enough good things about this program. And Essia is wonderful with the kids; very loving and nurturing. The kids absolutely love her.

From D. T (July, 7th 2015)

C'est vraiment sympa de vous occuper si bien des enfants.  Le but étant de se familiariser avec la langue et de développer leurs connaissances culturelles. On voit que vous aimez vraiment ce que vous faites, j'ai eu de la chance de tomber sur votre école lors de mes recherches.
Bonne journée.

From L. S (July, 15th 2015)

We are sending our soon to be Kindergartner to Bay Language Academy on Bay Farm. It seems like a great place. I think they have two day a week options and arrange for pick-up from Bay Farm school as well as Otis and Edison I believe.

From L.  (July, 22nd 2015)

Je pense que les enfants sont très contents. ils ont appris pas mal de mot. C'est bien pour un début. Après comme toute langue, il faudra passer par la grammaire, beaucoup moins drôle. Encore merci pour votre aide. Je suis super content de vous avoir trouvé.

From Christelle .C-L  (July, 28th 2015)

Vous êtes comme ma famille.  Je vous remercie pour tout.  Vous êtes toujours dans mon coeur. :) Christelle

From Debra, W.  (August, 2nd 2015)

We have decided to continue with the French for Audra.  I am very impressed with what she has learned so far and definitely want to keep that going! 

From Jeff, M.  (August, 22th 2015)

We were playing bingo in Spanish with Zoe this weekend and her vocabulary was amazing.  Kim and I are amazed at how much she is learning.

From Mary, M.  (August, 23rd 2015)

Thank you so  much for all of your effort. I really loved your program. I think it would be great for the boys, especially Matthew. And I truly appreciate the time you took to accommodate our schedule.

From J. S.  (August, 24th 2015)

Thank you for sharing this picture. Alissa said she had a fantastic day at camp :-)

From Iris. M (September 16th 2015)

I am excited to help reinforce what she will be learning with you. I am confident she will excel under your curriculum and ecstatic to officially be part of the Bay Language Academy Family!

We're so excited for her! We know she will blossom within your system! And thank you for all you've done already. Have an excellent day.

From Maureen. N (September 21st 2015)

Yes, he loved it.  He wants to take the Japanese class. We are officially committed. Thank you.

From Suzanne. S (September 30th 2015)

Both girls recite a little of what they learn in class so we were aware that they has been learning Spanish as well.  I saw that she was learning to write her numbers in Chinese the other day, and I was very impressed with what she had learned.

From Marie, B (October 19th 2015)

I must say that I did learn a lot during over the summer during our private sessions. I'm trying to retain it as much as possible. The class is fun and I like all the students, I just didn't say much because trying to process and learn. My regards to all.

From A. F (February 22nd 2016)

We love that her skills are improving and she is more confident using the language. We also want to thank you and the staff for your hard work and dedication to her success.

From N. S (April 2nd 2016)

I was struck by how passionate you are about bilingual education and meeting the needs of the families. With opportunities like your language school, I feel as though parents who are raising bilingual children have a great resource that my parents didn't have when they were raising us. It is very important for me that my children be able to communicate in my native language and learn to appreciate my culture as well.

From Danielle, L (May, 27th 2016)

The care and classes that Lucille has been receiving at BLA are much appreciated - her Spanish vocabulary is impressive!

From Chandra. B (May, 30th 2016)

You simply have an awesome program!

From S. L (June, 2nd 2016)

We very much have enjoyed the Korean class and really like the teacher !

From Deborah. F (June, 6th 2016)

It has been such a wonderful year for Isabel at Bay Language. She truly enjoys her Spanish class and always leaves with so much joy and excitement. I am also very grateful for all the support you have rendered my family throughout the months.

From Angela, A (Spanish Adult Class. June, 22nd 2016)

I have to work late and won't be able to make my last class. Estoy muy triste! 
I hope there will be more adult Spanish classes offered. I had a great time with the instructor and the classmates! 
You have a wonderful school!
Best Wishes!

From Joanne, G (August, 12th 2016)

Thanks again for taking Uma today. She loves Bay Language Academy and was proud of her artistic mirror!

From Sabrina, K (August, 19th 2016)

Thanks for all your warmth and support last year as we transitioned to Alameda. It meant a lot.

From  Susan, L (August, 25th 2016)

BTW the girls love your place!  Have a great weekend :)

From  Christiane, D (August, 29th 2016)

Thank you again for giving my daughters a wonderful camp experience this summer.

From  E. K (Sept, 4th 2016)

A few years ago, my children took your wonderful summer camp!
This year. I would like to take lessons myself. Thank you

From  P. C (Sept, 19th 2016)

We very much appreciate you and your school!

All the best

From  Oanh, Y. T (Nov, 11th 2016)

Thanks a lot for sharing information and helping Vanessa. I'm so glad to hear about this. Learning a language is hard and I also hope Vanessa will be better in future. Please let me know if you guys need me to do something and help me to say thank you to Ms Karen too.
Again, thank you and have a nice weekend Essia!


From  Molly, C (Nov, 21st 2016)

 I really enjoyed taking your French class and was surprised at how much I was able to speak while on my trip. Thanks so much for your help!

From  Elizabeth, L (Jan, 8th 2017)

I am a parent to two small children.  I took french for many years and want my children to have a strong and academic French language experience.  I searched all over the bay area, even going to the French Alliances and French Government supported language programs to find one that fit my needs. (Many started as after-school programs in 1st grade, however, science shows that as kids age, especially after 8 years old, their ability to learn other languages diminishes - its a brain synapse function.)

I found Essia after much researching and offered a class that suited my daughter, and the eventually my son, as he became old enough.

Essia is one of the most amazing people I know.  She is compassionate and firm, sympathetic and smart.  Has an incredible world view, and love of language and culture (and science). 

If you are lucky enough to be enrolled in her caring, and thoughtful program, consider yourself has a wonderful gift. 

Both my children love her classes and think they are "too short" :)

From  Erica, M (Jan, 11th 2017)

My children are really enjoying their Spanish classes. Aniya is embracing it with amazing amount of gusto. Elijah is progressing but struggling a bit  at the moment. Thank you for all your efforts.

From  Tish, P (Mandarin Teen Class. Jan, 16th 2017)

Just want to say thank you for the service you provide. Nia talked about her new teacher during the entire drive home. She said that she really likes her teaching style.  Thank you.

From  Rachel, S (Jan, 17th 2017)

Thank you so much!  They had a great time yesterday.  The hats are adorable too.

I so appreciate you! Best.

From  Matt, H (Jan, 25th 2017)

We are excited to have Owen in your program because we both feel that this is the most enriching program for Owen and his personal development.

From  Emilly, N  (Feb, 2nd 2017)

Thanks so much! You have such a great program! Naomi loves it.

Joanna and Derek (Feb, 4th 2017)

Thank you so much for all you have done for our family and for treating Alissa as part of your family.  

Best regards

From Melissa, B (Feb, 6th 2017)

We will definitely try to continue learning French.  Thanks again, we enjoyed your class very much!

From Phoebe, W (May 8th 2017)

I have really appreciated these past three years ! I know she has been well cared for and loved, and that is all I could hope for.

From Amy, Y (May 19th 2017)

Thank you for everything. You have been great, and your program has really been a positive experience in Siri's life. Talk with you soon

From Katie, L (May 23rd 2017)

Paige very much enjoys French. Thank you for all your support in her first exposure to French!

From M, W (May 23rd 2017)

Thank you! For everything!! She's grown a lot under your care

From Selma A (May 24th 2017)

e can't thank you enough for your understanding and flexibility. Ryan loves French classes and looks forward to it,  as he moves to 1st grade he will be able to attend your Summer Camps in 2018 and that will be a wonderful additional exposure to your outstanding Multicultural program.

From Beth, C (June 19th 2017)

Thank you so much for such an enriching program.  Ava has enjoyed her French class at Bay Language Academy. Thank you again,

Beth and family
From Marcy, W (Adult Spanish Class, July 12th 2017)

Thanks so much for this booklet.  Our class is fun and Grace is a very good teacher.

From Christmas, G (July 13th 2017)

Thank you for all you have done so far for my boy. We greatly appreciate you and your staff. He is speaking Spanish with so much more confidence now and we owe this all to your program. We hope to keep a strong relationship with your facility with hopes my younger son will be attending the Academy as well.
From F. Brown (Adult Spanish Class, July 13th 2017)

Thanks the syllabus is very helpful

J. G
(August, 12th 2017)

I wanted to let you know that she LOVED your class and said you were a fabulous and fun teacher and that she learned so much!

From T. W (August, 14th 2017)

We have just returned from our travels and have been hearing from Alexandria how much she is enjoying her French camp.

From L. L (August, 21st 2017)

So glad to see you have so many "families" enrolled in French.  Great to see and a huge testament to your great program.

From Mike C, (August, 24th 2017 )

I feel I have made a lot of progress over the last several years.  

Thank you so much as my trip to Peru was incredibly rewarding and I was thrilled with my ability to communicate effectively with everyone I met.  -Mike

From Deborah, F (September, 5th 2017)

We love the Bay Language Academy program, staff and the experience has been wonderful. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support you have given over the past two years.

From Alina S  (September, 15th 2017)

I made a note of the procedure regarding pick up. I appreciate the email. The boys absolutely love the school. - Alina

From Annie  (October, 2nd 2017)

Mateo really enjoys learning Spanish classes. 

We appreciate all your kindness and support and we are grateful for what he was able to learn at Bay Language Academy. Kindly,

From Renee, V  (October, 18th 2017)

We are sad to leave Bay Language Academy and the Bay Area. We will miss you all. Thank you!

From J, B  (October, 20th 2017)

Thank you so much for having us over to visit your beautiful school on Friday. It was real nice meeting you and getting familiar with your and your school's philosophy.
My husband and I are so thrilled to have him attend the Mandarin class at Bay Language Academy.

From  Carolyn M (October, 27th 2017)

The knowledge she is working on with her tutor on Tuesdays will give her me more confidence when the regular teacher returns, she will be keeping up and  less intimidated at her school.

From P, A (November, 1st 2017)

Sam is truly enjoying his classes and is learning a lot already!  Thank you

From Al  G  (November, 3rd 2017)

I appreciate you and your school. You run an amazing program and the boys are lucky to attend.

From Annie, B (November 6th,  2017)

We appreciate your generosity and support. Thanks

From Mary, M (November 14,  2017)

Thank you, Matthew told me he really enjoyed his Spanish class!

From Liz, B (December 13,  2017)

As always, I continue to appreciate your flexibility, time and the quality of your teachers. I just love working with Grace so much -- my favorite part of the week. Thank you

From C, M (December 15,  2017)

Thanks so much! Her grades are looking good!

From H, B (December 18,  2017)

Thank you so much for your hard work with our daughter. We will do our best to encourage her to behave respectfully.

From E, J  (December 22, 2017)

Thank you for all that you and the teachers continue to do for our children. They are happy and learning. And they are finally starting to speak Spanish outside of class. Small steps...

Have a wonderful holiday. Peace and blessings.

From D, L  (January 5, 2018)

We are very pleased with the quality of your program. Best. Thank you.

From L, S  (January 22, 2018)

 I wish you and your students continued pleasure and success.
Merci beaucoup pour votre bonté - vous êtes très généreuse et un bon professeur.

From J, S  (January 22, 2018)

 The french intensive class that he took last summer helped him a lot in the fall. Thank you!

From S, B  (February 22, 2018)

Have a great rest of the day, and I sincerely appreciate everything you do for all  the children making the world a better place

From Darcy, W  (February 23, 2018)

Both children have made great strides on their language skills this year- thank you for providing such high quality teachers.

From Roberto and Susan  (March 28, 2018)

The girls absolutely love going to Spanish school!

Let me know your thoughts and thank you so much.

From Joanna (March 29, 2018)

Thank you for everything. I think I had her a  bit overbooked with activities and now that we dropped kung fu she has more relaxation time and might be able to continue with french. I know she really enjoys your classes and the atmosphere at the school.

Happy spring!

From Justina, I (April 19, 2018)

I really enjoyed the class and I think Susy is a wonderful instructor. (She gets an A+!)
Thank you for your time and for putting together such a great program. Best regards.

From Susy, O (April 20, 2018)

They came home raving about the class too, and sharing what they had learnt. Thank you for the special welcome!

From Anne, G (May 8, 2018)

Thank you and it was really lovely to be back in French class again. I have missed you, the fellow students, and the learning. Grosses bises,

From Erin, D (May 20, 2018)

As always, thanks for all you and your team do! Avery loves Bay Language Academy. :)  Warmly

From E. J (May 29, 2018)

I shared with both children your feedback. Both were very proud of their work and acknowledged that with a firm foundation it was time to start using their skills outside of class. Finally, thank you so much for all that you do on behalf of our children.

From Bhupi, S (May 30, 2018)

Thanks to your guidance. She did well in her final and was graded with 89 which equates to A for the final. So much thanks for all your help.

From Scott, L (June 1, 2018)

Thank you so much for all you've done to help Emma and us.  We will miss you and all the great people at Bay Language Academy!

From Lucien, M (June 1, 2018)

Just want to tell you that I had 98% on my French final and 97% overall for the semester. Cannot wait to have the results for the AP and DELF exams. Thank you so much for helping me skip French 3 and still get those results !

From Debra, W (June 27, 2018)

Merci beaucoup pour tout! I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family.

From Sama, I (June 28, 2018)

I have enjoyed the past 5 months of Spanish with Suzy but am headed out on a 2 month road trip.

I will let you know when I want to re-register later. Thanks

From Joanna, S  (August 7, 2018)

We are very excited to begin again with your program.  Thank you!!

From Jacqueline, V  (August 25, 2018)

She said she felt very good about the exam and that your practice tests were harder and prepared her well.
I will let you know when we receive the score. Thank you for being so loving and kind to them. They have so much stress and your approach is effective yet does not add to their stress.  You were able to keep it light and they appreciate the lessons.
With gratitude.

From Jo, S  (August 26, 2018)

We are so excited to have Alissa back at Bay Language Academy !

From Li,   (August 27, 2018)

Marg is speaking french - small but working towards it, and pushing her brother to do the same.  Its now clicking! So thrilled.

From J. D,  (August 29, 2018)

Thank you for welcoming our kids into the Bay Language community.  They seem to enjoy it.  Nora is very pleased.

From M. L,  (August 29, 2018)

I just know that she really loves having an art class mixed in.

From Jessica, P,   (August 30, 2018)

It was a pleasure meeting you! I feel your language school will be the best place for Rosie. Thank you.

From Jacqueline, P,   (September 8, 2018)

Alix just received her French SAT test score and the result was ........................................................... 800!  🤩
Thank you so much

From Tara, c,   (September 18, 2018)

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. Je l’apprécie énormément! J’ai de la chance pour vous avoir.

Merci encore pour tout :)

Mes amitiés,

From J, D  (September 20, 2018)

I am very happy with the progress the kids are making. Thank you.

From E, K  (October 9, 2018)

Eti really loves Bay Language Academy and I appreciate all of the efforts you made to accommodate our family.

From Ann, R (October 10, 2018)

This evening’s class was fun!
 I look forward to taking Spanish. Thank you.  Sincerely, Ann

From Anne, R (October 19, 2018)

Ava greatly enjoyed her classes - she’s been teaching her little sister how to count to 30 & recite the days of week in Spanish!
Thank you

From E, J (October 22, 2018)

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. This helps considerably.  The fact they have actually completed assignments on time +/- a couple is hilarious. I guess they are growing up and don't need me as much. Now I am on the same page as you and them we are in good shape. Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

From L, L (November 13, 2018)

Tonight, when we went around the table highlighting what we are grateful for, Marguerite and Fritz are grateful for you for teaching them French.

From S, A (December 13, 2018)

On est extrêmement content des progrès de Ryan

From A, R (January 7, 2019)

Grace is a fantastic instructor, and I enjoyed our group so much. Best