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Creative Writing & Comprehension

2012-2013 English Calendar

We will be  offering starting in January of 2014 a creative writing program that will focus on fostering an enjoyment for reading and writing. Students will read short stories and poems to inspire imitation in style and content. The objective of these classes are to improve writing skills. Students will express themselves on issues appropriate to their age.
Not only will students invigorate their creative writing but they will also empower their language in essays for school and personal statements for applications. They will work on reinforcing/introducing the 4 pillars of writing:

(a) Pre-writing; (b) Writing;(c) Editing; (d) Proofreading (with some of the following specifics)

(1) refining grammar, sentence structure, and linguistic skills;
(2) comparing and contrasting essays
(3) Note-Taking (Cornell and more,...)
(4) crafting arguments
(5) using textual evidence and quotes
(6)  literary research skills

By providing our students  with the venue to speak, clarify thoughts, and research ideas, participants will be able to gain greater experience and acquire a sens of critical thinking. Their future communication skills will improve during our speech/debate classes, as they will be able to construct a set of arguments to defend their position.

We offer:
Preparation for Elementary School Writing (third grade and up)
Preparation for Middle School Writing/Literature Course
Preparation for High School Writing/Literature Course