In observance of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bay Language Academy will only conduct digital classes. No classes will be conducted on site until May 1st.

A big thank you to you and the entire team at BLA. It is a huge adjustment to settle into the "new normal" your organization and kindness is appreciated and treasured. God bless, as we continue to shelter in place (Erica, J).

The online classes are working great.  I wish their regular school would adopt the same approach (Liz, L).

This is a very thoughtful digital class. Thank you Maestras ! (Olivia, S)

Muchas gracias Ms. Essia, Ms. Cristina, Ms. Gracy, and the whole team at Bay Language Academy!  (Jennifer, P)

Thank you for all you are doing to get this up and running and your commitment to keeping classes going. He had a great class! (Amy, B)

We really appreciate everything that you've been offering during this difficult time (Jeff, C).

And we REALLY appreciate that you're holding virtual classes during spring break and that they are in the morning.

Thank you for doing this for the students. It was hilarious to watch last weeks class as the students... mine included tried to figure out how to interact in the digital class environment. Please  know that we appreciate the teacher and her teaching style.

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Where the values and benefits of multilingualism are embraced.
  • Bay Language Academy offers an array of linguistic services in Alameda, California, specializing in beginner, intermediate, and advanced training in several languages for adults and children.
  • We are committed to high standard of language learning and to the culture that each language conveys, therefore an artistic component is part of our vision.
  • SAT, AP and DELF, DELE exams preparations are also offered.
  • Our team provides intensive classes for corporate as well as translation, interpretation and proofreading services. 
  • Our corporate language programs allow professionals to achieve their communication goals adapted to their specific activities. Emphasis is focused on the four pillars of language learning.

Our Enrichment Foreign Language Classes

Our distinguished enrichment program offers a broad range of extracurricular options. Our objective is to offer our ethnically diverse and rich community language learning opportunities with a balanced theory and practice curriculum as we are as mindful of your child's social and emotional needs as
his academic growth.
We strongly believe that
by integrating a play-based philosophy into the curriculum and engaging students in ways that motivated them are key to make their learning experience a success. We use "
technology-infused and old fashion-infused instructions" to engage our students in ways that they can relate to.
To achieve that goal, the foreign languages are associated to the universal language of art. Instruction of artistic skills is performed not only in English but also in Spanish and/or French.
We also use power point presentations and computer-based programs to supplement and/or provide practice of the target language. We do offer differentiated learning for our students so they can learn at their own pace and be challenged according to their existing level. We strongly believe that new languages can broaden the horizons and offer more opportunities in the future as the students discover their own linguistic and cultural heritage or chose to open doors to new languages and cultures.
Our philosophy is to adapt a set of classroom practices rather than one and only teaching method with the goal to link classroom language learning with language activities outside the classroom and to expose our students to native accents, regional vocabulary and culture differences.

We aim to provide proficiency and fluency in French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, English as a Second Language (ESL) as well as Creative Writing & Comprehension, SAT and AP preparation. Chinese calligraphy, drawing and painting classes are some of our classes as well. Contact us if you need more information.
Our instruction allow to achieve your language goals while enjoying the process in a stimulating and supportive environment.
We believe that student's first few books open doors to new worlds, and considering how children enjoy the use of mobile devices, we use a library of ebooks and paper books providing our students with a great combination of knowledge on digital and paper formats.
class schedule is available, you could also contact us by pre-registering to check availability for our after school program. Class sizes are restricted to ensure the best learning experience possible and the interactive approach involves role play, association and repetitive analogies, while adding more vocabulary in a meaningful manner. 

Bay Language Academy learning is designed around a carefully designed curriculum. Focusing on the specific needs of students and their parents, the classes are offered once, twice or three times weekly after school in 75 to 150-minute sessions.
Parents are informed after each class of what was covered and what is expected from the young students for the next session. By keeping the parents informed and by creating a studious yet fun environment, where students are engaged and motivated, we have been able as a team, to accomplish amazing results that were beyond our expectations, as instructors and parents. Students are engaged in role play, book and video learning,  story telling and art workshops. Each class is tailored to the unique needs of the students in the class and will therefore vary depending on the dynamic of each particular group. Our textbooks and pedagogical materials have been carefully selected for their relevance to our student's needs.  An extensive library of additional cultural and linguistic learning material are used by our instructors. For those who are interested in international recognition, tailored courses are available on weekdays and weekends for Certification Preparation such as DELF for French or DELE for Spanish. Classes are designed around the FSI language scale .

So whether you want to communicate with colleagues or just want to be involved in our rich and diverse community in a more effective manner or even plan to learn a language for your next vacation (travel-specific classes), we will try our best to accommodate your language needs. We offer regularly-scheduled classes for all levels over a 10-months period for young students and over a 10-weeks period for adult students who usually renew their classes over the course of the year. Classes for professionals are designed around the specialized language needs in the legal, medical or real estate fields.

We are aware that everyone has different educational needs, so it’s important for us to talk/meet individually with each and every student to assess them and discuss their expectations so we can find a good fit.

Our foreign language program is implemented within a cultural context, so by providing an in-depth, linguistic and cultural instruction, we create a
unique blend of stimulating environment and dynamic learning experience. We encourage students to be enriched by new cultures and to discover hidden opportunities. Students of all age (preschool to retirees) come to learn—or enhance existing skills in different languages.

"The survival of the language goes by that of the culture it conveys." - Jacques Attali - The Human Path
“Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture“ - Anthony Burgess -
"Learning another language is like the beginning of another life". - Michel Bouthot - From: de Chemins parsemés d'immortelles pensées.
" Each language tells the world in its own way. Each builds worlds and anti-worlds in its own way. The polyglot is a freer man" - Rudolf Steiner

Chaque culture traverse les phases
évolutives de l'homme en particulier. Chacune a son enfance, sa jeunesse, sa maturité et sa vieillesse" - Oswald Spengler - Extrait du Le Déclin de l'Occident.
" J'ai réuni les maîtres et leur ai dit : ne vous y trompez pas ; je vous ai confié les enfants des hommes non pour peser plus tard la somme de leurs connaissances, mais pour me réjouir plus tard de la qualité de leur ascension" - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
" It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education ... If we are to develop our students' sense of curiosity, we must be mindful to carve out time to allow our students to inquire and explore." - Albert Einstein.
" I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shap music". - Joan Miró, unknown.
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  –Ben Franklin
“There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge. . . observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination.”- Denis Diderot