Camps availability

Spring Break   April 1 - 5 

BLA closures

Labor Day   Monday, September

Fall Break     November 22-23
Winter Break   December 26 - January  4

Presidents Week    February 18 - 22

Memorial Day    Monday, May 27  

No extra fees: On all minimum days~, we will welcome all students registered in the after school program as early as 12:00-noon.

#Discounted camps: During the *days mentioned below, public schools will not be in session, however classes will be conducted as usual. As a courtesy, we will welcome all our students (registered on a full time and part time basis) for full days of camps between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Memorial Day: Monday, November 12 (classes only as usual)

*Staff development day: Friday, January 11

M. Luther King Jr. Birthday: Monday,  January 21 (classes only as usual)

Languages and art classes will be in session from August 20 until June 21.


Our summer camps will start on the week of June 10, 2019.

# Camps are not included in our yearly program but are available to our students at a discounted rate.

‡ Reduced fees are: $60 for the Academy students (attending after school program or attending language(s) or art classes) and $79 for any student interested in attending camps after registration approval.

~Minimum days will be available when the different schools will release their schedules.


Opening at 11:40-noon at no extra cost on the days students are signed up for: 
From August 20 to Sept 7 (3-weeks)

Opening at 11:40 at no extra cost:
Oct 26
Nov 26-30

When AUSD has an early dismissal

Opening at 12:30 at no extra cost: 
June 5, 6 and 7
March 13 to 15 and March 22 and when disclosed by AUSD
*Open on regular scheduled hours for languages and art classes only from 3:00 to 6:00pm.
‡ Reduced fee are:
$60 for all Academy students (attending the after school program or only attending language(s) and/or art classes)
$79 for any student interested in attending camps after approval of registration.