Camps availability

Spring Break   April 1 - 5 

BLA closures

Labor Day   Monday, September

Fall Break     November 22-23
Winter Break   December 26 - January  4

Presidents Week    February 18 - 22

Memorial Day    Monday, May 27  

No extra fees: On all minimum days~, we will welcome all students registered in the after school program as early as 12:00-noon.

#Discounted camps: During the *days mentioned below, public schools will not be in session, however classes will be conducted as usual. As a courtesy, we will welcome all our students (registered on a full time and part time basis) for full days of camps between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Memorial Day: Monday, November 12 (classes only as usual)

*Staff development day: Friday, January 11

M. Luther King Jr. Birthday: Monday,  January 21 (classes only as usual)

*Teacher Work Day: Friday, June 7


Languages and art classes will be in session from August 20 until June 21.


Our summer camps will start on the week of June 10, 2019.

# Camps are not included in our yearly program but are available to our students at a discounted rate.

‡ Reduced fees are: $60 for the Academy students (attending after school program or attending language(s) or art classes) and $79 for any student interested in attending camps after registration approval.

~Minimum days will be available when the different schools will release their schedules.


Opening at 11:40-noon at no extra cost on the days students are signed up for: 
From August 20 to Sept 7 (3-weeks)

Opening at 11:40 at no extra cost:
Oct 26
Nov 26-30

When AUSD has an early dismissal

Opening at 12:30 at no extra cost: 
March 13 to 15 and March 22 and when disclosed by AUSD
*Open on regular scheduled hours for languages and art classes only from 3:00 to 6:00pm.
‡ Reduced fee are:
$60 for all Academy students (attending the after school program or only attending language(s) and/or art classes)
$79 for any student interested in attending camps after approval of registration.