Adult Classes

Classes for adults are tailored to meet the students expectations. Learning acquisition is established around themes of interest. Classes are held mornings or evenings.

Several levels from beginner to advanced are proposed at different time of the year and are generally organized in session of 10 classes at a frequency of once or twice a week.
For those who do not start at the beginner level, assessment of the student's level is made by the instructor. For placement call us at: 510-306-4229.

In our group classes we generally emphasis on oral skills by the use of of dialogues and role plays. We also honor the three other pillars of the language learning by working on the written, grammatical and cultural skills. The percentage of time for each pillar depend on the members of the class. Instruction is available for beginning, intermediate and advanced speakers. Accelerated or intensive classes are also proposed.

Our Academy does not have an I-20 program, therefore foreign students will be required to comply with all US immigration regulations.

For schedule, click on Class Schedule  then choose the language of interest.

Languages for Travelers

Planning a trip abroad and having the desire to learn the basics necessary to make your vacation even more memorable. We offer a package of 15h of classes.

Languages for Medical 

We provide classes designed specifically for Health Professionals. Lessons are centered on medical situation of choice and the necessary vocabulary and grammar are taught  in context.

 Some topics may include but are not restricted to:

  • Patient examination
  • Specialist consultation
  • Emergency procedure
  • Diagnosis 
Languages for Legal issues

We provide classes designed specifically for
law professionals

Languages for Real Estate

We provide classes designed specifically for
Real Estate professionals.