About the Founder

Meet the Founder: Dr. Essia Bouzamondo-Bernstein

Essia received a Ph.D. in Neurovirology from The Pasteur Institute in Paris. She was offered a scholarship to research her Ph.D’s thesis on Neurotropic viruses, by Pr. Luc Montagnier - 2008-Nobel Price Winner for Medicine and physiology - for his work on HIV. Prior to her thesis, she  completed an M.S. in Biochemistry from CNRS (Central National de La Recherche Scientifique), France and from Paris XI University.

In California, she was first a post-doctoral fellow (NIH grant) then a researcher at UCSF (University of California San Francisco) and specialized in prion diseases in the laboratory of 1997-Nobel Price Winner, Pr. Stanley Prusiner.

Essia taught at the college, high school and middle school levels. She also volunteered teaching and coordinating science clubs and languages classes in San Francisco and Alameda’s schools.

Currently, she is the founder and president of Bay Language Academy. The academy started by offering four language options, then extending it to a multilingual center. The pedagogical team is committed to high standard of language learning and to the culture that each language conveys; therefore an artistic component is part of the curriculum.

Essia selects a dedicated team of instructors who share the same vision of what education should be, most of which are trilingual and have been living in several countries and exposed to several cultures. The team provides intensive classes for corporate as well as translation, interpretation and proofreading services.

The corporate language programs allow professionals to achieve their communication goals adapted to their specific activities. Emphasis is focused on the four pillars of language learning.

Essia has a deep understanding of what it takes to master a language. She listens to her students and helps them navigate the process. For those who want to have certifications and diplomas, she proposes assessment from specialized organizations. SAT, AP and other exam preparations are offered. She believes in the importance of a balanced theory-practice curriculum adapted to each group and in providing learners with meaningful learning ways that they can relate to and which allow them to embrace the language to its fullest.

Students as old as 2 years and as young as 87 years with a wide range of exposure and abilities are welcome, as Bay Language Academy specializes in beginner, intermediate, advanced (and anything in between) learning.